Distribution Prep

Congratulations, your project is ready to be shown to the world. Upon final delivery, your completed product is ready for publication and/or distribution! The next step is securing a sales agent or finding distribution. Depending on your needs, Tigheland Productions may provide contacts and/or consultation to jump-start the initial steps for distributing your film, television … Continued


We also offer on-set, behind the scenes, photography as a premium service for our clients. While shooting video for a client, we can also capture product shots or character photos which may be used for promotional material. We also offer behind the scenes photography and video for our clients. This is great for: social media, … Continued


Our in-house creative team can develop a storyboard of your concept to break down every shot. Our storyboard artists create quick sketches to: illustrate subjects, establish environments, demonstrate camera movements and more. While this service is optional, some clients feel that the added value of seeing their concept illustrated bolsters confidence in production and improves … Continued