Costs & Budgeting

We understand that project goals and parameters may change during the course of production. Our excellent producers always stay on top of the project’s budget and our team is able to adapt in the moment. We work with our clients to identify any challenges which may require additional consideration and how creative cost-effective solutions may … Continued

Film Schedule

Our team works closely with the first assistant director and department heads to keep the shoot on schedule. While a majority of scheduling is worked out in pre-production with thorough planning, we want to remain flexible should changes need to occur. By the time it comes to shooting, everyone is on the same page and … Continued


Finding the right environment is important as it will set the mood for the entire production. After consulting and learning what our client is looking for, we put together the best options that suit their budget and project goals. Our experience and established relationships provide us with access to a wide variety of affordable locations. … Continued


Understanding our client’s goals and needs is paramount. At the start of every project, our team meets with the client to listen and understand what our client wants to achieve with their film/TV/video project. We thrive in the minutiae of the project and will explore how to best achieve the project goals for our client, … Continued