Set Lighting

Creating the perfect look for our client’s project is a top priority. Our talented directors help craft each project’s unique look and feel to provide the professional quality picture which makes all the difference. Tigheland Productions owns a wide variety of lighting equipment, stands and accessories to create everything from: dramatic contrasts to soft glows. … Continued


When you have professional quality audio, your audience will notice. Tigheland Productions employs several skilled audio technicians who are proficient with professional audio equipment and on-set recording. Capturing audio correctly allows the technician(s) in post-production to adjust channels and levels for the best mix possible. Audio is just as important as the picture, and if … Continued

Gear Rentals

Each project is different and finding the correct gear for our clients production is important. After reviewing the project and walking through the locations with our crew, we gain a better understanding of the gear necessary for the shoot. Having built great relationships with rental houses, we’re able to quickly source the gear necessary to … Continued