Tigheland Productions owner, Roy Tighe, is an award-winning filmmaker and editor. Your editor will make an assembly edit, where they will usually present to the director and producers of the project. From there, notes are made and the next editing pass commences. We make every effort to apply our knowledge and experience to provide the … Continued


Color brings your footage to life. The difference between raw footage and color-processed footage is stark. Our post-production specialists may adjust color levels, tones, warmth and contrast to imbue any mood, feel or essence the project seeks to establish. Our staff can even show you processed vs. raw, unprocessed footage side-to-side.

Costs & Budgeting

We understand that project goals and parameters may change during the course of production. Our excellent producers always stay on top of the project’s budget and our team is able to adapt in the moment. We work with our clients to identify any challenges which may require additional consideration and how creative cost-effective solutions may … Continued


We pride ourselves by offering our clients the best value for their production budgets. It’s no secret that film and television production can be expensive, but we offer a wide range of services and solutions to offer the best value for your investment. During project development, we work with our clients to establish scope of … Continued


We handle the entire casting process and secure you the perfect talent for your project. After posting a keyword-rich casting notice on every top casting site in Los Angeles, we hold our own in house casting sessions for you. Naturally, we want our clients to be happy with our talent selections and work with them … Continued


Our in-house creative team can develop a storyboard of your concept to break down every shot. Our storyboard artists create quick sketches to: illustrate subjects, establish environments, demonstrate camera movements and more. While this service is optional, some clients feel that the added value of seeing their concept illustrated bolsters confidence in production and improves … Continued

Table Reading

Table reads are a great way to: see, hear and feel how the material is perceived. This is a great process to work out any issues in the material rather than on set. It’s also a great way to build morale, allow everyone a chance to meet each other and have some fun!