Film Schedule

Our team works closely with the first assistant director and department heads to keep the shoot on schedule. While a majority of scheduling is worked out in pre-production with thorough planning, we want to remain flexible should changes need to occur. By the time it comes to shooting, everyone is on the same page and … Continued

Set Lighting

Creating the perfect look for our client’s project is a top priority. Our talented directors help craft each project’s unique look and feel to provide the professional quality picture which makes all the difference. Tigheland Productions owns a wide variety of lighting equipment, stands and accessories to create everything from: dramatic contrasts to soft glows. … Continued

Backups & Logging

Our specialized team members ensure data quality and retention. Our digital imaging technician (DIT), works with the Director of Photography and is responsible for quality control over footage and managing workflow for production and post production. This process can be especially important for multi-day film shoots and if several different cameras and/or optics are being … Continued

Shot Planning

Prior planning prevents production problems! All our Directors meet with our D.P.’s to develop a creative shot list which ensures that our clients’ videos stand out. Our planning also helps the team get organized and approach each shot efficiently to utilize the time on-set as optimally as possible.