Sound Design & Effects

We’ll create a variety of audio elements for the specific needs of any given client project. By designating, acquiring or producing sound tracks, we’re able to enhance what’s recorded in production to create richer, balanced audio tracks. Although our on-set sound technicians may also serve as the project sound designer, several of our staff, crew … Continued


Color brings your footage to life. The difference between raw footage and color-processed footage is stark. Our post-production specialists may adjust color levels, tones, warmth and contrast to imbue any mood, feel or essence the project seeks to establish. Our staff can even show you processed vs. raw, unprocessed footage side-to-side.

Titles & Graphics

Depending on your project scope, you may wish to incorporate titles, credits or additional graphics. Naturally, not all projects will require credits or titles, but we have experienced graphic designers available, upon request. We’ll ensure that all fonts used for titles or credits has the approved licensing and for usage within the project’s scope of … Continued


Our in-house creative team can develop a storyboard of your concept to break down every shot. Our storyboard artists create quick sketches to: illustrate subjects, establish environments, demonstrate camera movements and more. While this service is optional, some clients feel that the added value of seeing their concept illustrated bolsters confidence in production and improves … Continued