Script Supervision

Script supervision ensures proper continuity on set for talent, wardrobe and props. Our continuity supervisor is an integral part of the crew, who makes sure multiple shots can be easily edited together to avoid jarring inconsistencies in the scene. A solid script supervisor will make the difference between a professional and polished production and an … Continued

Backups & Logging

Our specialized team members ensure data quality and retention. Our digital imaging technician (DIT), works with the Director of Photography and is responsible for quality control over footage and managing workflow for production and post production. This process can be especially important for multi-day film shoots and if several different cameras and/or optics are being … Continued


We can help you develop your idea from the ground up and offer our creative input for your current story. Who is your audience? What are your goals? What is the expected result? We will help pitch and develop the concepts that you are looking to: facilitate, produce and/or market in film, television or streaming … Continued


We pride ourselves by offering our clients the best value for their production budgets. It’s no secret that film and television production can be expensive, but we offer a wide range of services and solutions to offer the best value for your investment. During project development, we work with our clients to establish scope of … Continued


We handle the entire casting process and secure you the perfect talent for your project. After posting a keyword-rich casting notice on every top casting site in Los Angeles, we hold our own in house casting sessions for you. Naturally, we want our clients to be happy with our talent selections and work with them … Continued


Our in-house creative team can develop a storyboard of your concept to break down every shot. Our storyboard artists create quick sketches to: illustrate subjects, establish environments, demonstrate camera movements and more. While this service is optional, some clients feel that the added value of seeing their concept illustrated bolsters confidence in production and improves … Continued


Finding the right environment is important as it will set the mood for the entire production. After consulting and learning what our client is looking for, we put together the best options that suit their budget and project goals. Our experience and established relationships provide us with access to a wide variety of affordable locations. … Continued


Talent will be dressed for the part. After the brilliant cast has been locked, we work closely with our wardrobe artists to put together a brilliant lookbook of the best style options to fit our clients project. Shortly after any client feedback, we always set aside time for our cast to come in for a … Continued

Crew & Staffing

We have crew with flexible availability to produce any project. Due to many years in the film and television business, we have strong relationships with a widely specialized team of talented crew members. We hire the necessary crew to fit the: budget, goals and requested production schedule of our clients’ projects. We have crews and … Continued

Meals & Craft Services

Crew and talent have to eat! For every shoot, meals are provided by Tigheland Productions and additional craft services may be requested and quoted for an additional fee. We provide healthy meal options to suit all crew, talent and clients. Got dietary restrictions? Just let us know! We have fantastic relationships with several local catering … Continued

Gear Rentals

Each project is different and finding the correct gear for our clients production is important. After reviewing the project and walking through the locations with our crew, we gain a better understanding of the gear necessary for the shoot. Having built great relationships with rental houses, we’re able to quickly source the gear necessary to … Continued

Shot Planning

Prior planning prevents production problems! All our Directors meet with our D.P.’s to develop a creative shot list which ensures that our clients’ videos stand out. Our planning also helps the team get organized and approach each shot efficiently to utilize the time on-set as optimally as possible.